☆ eruukat ☆

el // they/them, she/her // 21

  • tumblr link goes to my main blogs about page! there you can find my main + ff blog, my art blog, and my vocaloid + side blog

  • amino link goes to my vocaloid amino acc

  • discord is el#9122 ! feel free to add me but please lmk u came from my carrd so that ik ur not spam !

  • icon by me ; roro art (above byf) by manbou no ane. all other art is official

some notes + byf!

  • feel free to interact/dm ! id love to make mutuals + chat more, im just awkward lol

  • i tend to forget when ive clicked on an account, so if i like/rb/retweet spam u, i am so sorry

  • my accs should be largely sfw; i tag for nsfw jokes on tumblr if you want to block that

  • i usu dont tag cw's; lmk if youd like me to!

  • im okay with minors following me/having casual interactions (eg sharing hcs in the comments), but for the sake of keeping boundaries id prefer not to dm/swap discords/etc w/ anyone younger than 17


  • special interests: ff (faves r viii and xiii) ; vocaloid + other vocal synths (+ so so many headcanons)

  • anime: fruits basket, evangelion, jojos, free, misc

  • games: persona 5, drakenier, kotor, mass effect

  • misc: kpop, visual kei, alt fashion, homestuck, star wars, casual engagement w/ nostalgic media (mlp, monster high, etc)

  • im interested in a lot of video games (esp jrpgs, visual novels, dating sims, rpg maker/itchio games) even though i havent played most of them! i rlly like looking up new media even tho i struggle 2 get into new things

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